Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another View of Small

I am not quite ready to leave the wonderful world of miniatures yet. I found this picture which shows the size of the small vase  in relation to my hand, which isn't really very large.  Someone once commented I have the hands of workman. Well, I guess I do. I can't have long nails or I rip the clay, or  tickle the hand that holds the pen. I am always playing with mud, water, ink or watercolors. Lily white hands I do not have. It isn't all bad to be able to do all the fun things I liked as a kid and have people pay me for them. I digress.
When you look at this vase you can really see the details I added: small clay coils; tiny balls of porcelain: feathers; a turquoise stone. This was not a wheel thrown piece, but rather a hand built construction. After forming the two sides, I joined them together, then added height to the  neck for style and symmetry. Since it is a one of a kind piece, I wanted to add those special touches that make it an individual V.Norton ceramic artwork, however diminutive. 
 As we get older;as we move; as we cannot afford a large space, perhaps having a tiny piece of art fills a lot of needs in today's crowded world.  

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