Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ceramic Cross

I sold a ceramic cross similar to this one today. It also  had a piece of turquoise on it, and measured about eight inches in height. The cross  was a sacred symbol in many ancient religions, consisting basically of two intersecting lines.I think this history inspired me with  the shape of the curves that I like to use at the end of this piece and others. This  well known  Christian representation is a part of our culture and others all around the world.  
I  got into making the cross as an art form after my last trip to Mexico. There it is taken to higher dimensions of making the common uncommon.I saw them made of wood; ceramics; bottle tops hammered onto two crossed sticks. There was a total variety of how to take a known form and give it a whole new incantation.
I work in clay so that is where my imagination went. How to make something that has beauty in its form and color, and yet is a bit different?  I like to use the low fired colors because they seem more modern than some of my high fire glazes. Like my masks, the cross is fired in the kiln, glazed in the brighter low fires colors, and then given a primitive final firing to get that antique crackle look. I  like to add some decoration, or an adornment, to what I create.  This  is my style, according to some who know me. It's true. I do like to add an embellishment to make the clay sing out to the viewer.

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