Friday, September 28, 2012

A Set of Denim Blue

Sorry I have been away from my writing  this week. I  can't even say I was working too hard. No, I was  at the beach, looking at the  blue sky, and blue and white frothy ocean.Sometimes, I even was inside those blue green waves, although my goal was to ride them as smoothly as those surfers out there on the horizon. 
Of course this sets me thinking about my blue artwork.I'm still into the jewelry I talking about in the last blog. I resonate with the color blue, in all its hues and variations. Here is the full set of my "Denim Blue" beads, with the necklace, bracelet, and earrings.Personally, I like my baubles to match.  Every item  I make is  individual, with each porcelain bead being rolled out  by hand,  and assembled one at a time with its crystal and blue stones for accent.I think  this gives  a feeling  of variety to each creation, yet an overall harmony within each piece, or as a set. That's my belief, and I'm standin' by it. 
 Putting on your denim jeans any one?

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