Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Miniature Vase

My last blog was on my flower bowl and how much I like flowers. This picture is of a carved, miniature vase with a few blossoms within.Still a flower vessel.
 It is a wheel thrown piece, and doesn't even measure four inches tall.The bottom is all hand carved, and then an oxide  is applied. This seems to make a nice contrast with my turquoise glaze, and it is a  trademark style of mine. Actually, this is pretty big for a technical "miniature". I think the scale is one inch would be one foot. So instead of a four foot vessel, you get something you can hold in your hand and put on a tiny shelf.
 I enjoy making smaller pieces. They fit my need for precious, help fill the odd spaces in the kiln,and are easy for the travelling customer. In high fire ceramics,  everything you create in going to shrink, from fifteen to twenty percent. Usually the problem is that  I haven't made it big enough to start with, and the end result is not the anticipated. With my small creations, I do not have to stress the end result because it comes out  as it is meant to be. Good feeling, when what we do comes out just fine because we aren't worried about a precise ending. This is a nice thought to carry into life. 


  1. the color and textural contrasts make this a striking piece, even more charming in a miniature!

  2. it is a striking piece-- very wow.
    when what we do is ok -- that's precisely life. we may not choose 2 perceive something as "right", yet that is precisely what it is... right for the context of the situation. it's human thought that judges as "not correct".

  3. Seems like it's the process that gets the focus, not the result, and I would think that makes it fun. This vase looks like it was fun, like you poured a lot of love into it, and the result, in my opinion, is LOVELY!