Monday, November 24, 2014

Who am I?

"Who Am I?" is the title of this mixed media piece, currently showing here in   Sedona. This is the theme of the show itself, sponsored by the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition.
I am the artist, and I am the image in the mirror. What a provocative idea. To me, using a mirror reflects the varying  aspects of asking that question. Don't we all change every day of our life? It can be going on inside, our feelings and emotions, as well as the outward reflection.
I have been mixing collage with my calligraphy for a while. I chose to use sepia tones in my photos, ripping the edges as I like to do. Can't have things too orderly. There are pictures of me from long ago both on the edge, and in the compartments on the front.
 I am telling the story of where I came from; what I have done; experiences that  make me the person I am today.There is even a compartment for ideas and comments from the viewer. Interactive art.
Incorporating my skills as a ceramic artist, I  made the letters in various calligraphic styles out of clay. That is a big part of what I am about as well. 
I like that each time I look at this piece, or you do, we will see the current image of "who I am?" right now.

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  1. What a swell composite; I like the ever changing you and more importantly your art endeavors!