Friday, November 7, 2014

Ceramics that Inspire

Imagine. On either side of a grassy lawn are eight ceramics dogs on pedestals, lining each side. You can see their size compared to my own. Made long ago in the far east,they are as fearsome and well preserved today as when created to decorate an emperor's garden.This photo was taken in the place called the Fu Gardens. 
When recently in Illinois, I visited The Allerton Park and Retreat, donated to  the University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champain, by Robert Allerton . Built as a private house in 1900 by his father, a  wealthy Chicago businessman, these 1,500 acres and grounds were called "The Farms " in their time. Now the grounds of  the stately Georgian manor, complete with sculpture gardens, are free for the public to wander. 
These  ceramic dogs, with their fierce expressions and brilliant cobalt glaze, intrigued me. Clay is such an ancient form of expression, and functionality. Somehow, in my own way, I feel I am carrying  on these ancient traditions.

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