Monday, December 8, 2014

A Display of Handmade Books

Here I am in front of a case full of   handmade books. I am pointing at those made by me. This display is currently  at the  Prescott Valley Library until Jan 6, 2015. A wonderful selection of  various styles of hand bound books.Two of my books also have original calligraphy. That was really how I got into making books. Certain alphabets I learned were flourishing before there was even a printing press. So making the  book seemed a natural extension of my art.
The library itself is an architectural innovation, which I liked seeing.Something provocative in the north country.  
The art of made by hand books is alive and well in northern Arizona. A group of us meet every few months and have a workshop to create a specific type of book. The attendees  are all experienced book artists. Each member takes turn being the teacher, and chooses the subject.  Anyone who has ever done this knows how much one learns a  from those we teach. 
So I invite you to go and visit this display  and enter the world of handmade books.

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  1. Nice picture and blog revolving around another of your creative talents!
    Will any be for sale after the show is over? Would like to purchase one from you.