Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blue is the Color

Blue is the color of these miniature pots. They just recently came out of my kiln. All are less than three inches tall.
This high fire glaze is a shiny one, and the white porcelain clay I use seems to  show off this luster.Often I decorate my small pots with feathers and turquoise. I am an Arizona artist, after all.The warm colors of red and yellow make a nice contrast with the cooler shade of blue.
This photo is a very accurate portrayal of this hue. Cobalt is the main ingredient is making a glaze blue. Other ingredients influence the result, as in this glaze.
I was listening to public radio yesterday. They were discussing all the meanings and descriptions of the color blue. It can be a mood, a type of music,even a slang word. 
The choice and variety of this color are incredible. This particular blue  seems to draw me into the pot. I hope it feels that way to you, as well.  

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