Monday, October 27, 2014

Jewelry Is Always in Style

Here I am at looking at pieces from jewelry of long ago. As a ceramic artist, I create porcelain clay beads, from which I make necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I like jewelry. I make it. I wear it. I know I am not alone. Here is proof.
 These beads date back to 3800 BC.Over five thousand years ago, and people were adorning themselves with jewels. Making beads from shells and clay. We have come a long way, yet not very far at all from our sense of style.  
While travelling recently in Chicago, I visited the Oriental Institute, part of the University of Chicago. It houses a collection of antiquities from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. These lands were called the " Orient" at the turn of the last century, when university archaeologists began unearthing artifacts.Hence the name.
I just couldn't believe how lovely these items were, how contemporary in look, and yet how ancient.The continuity of people, with our need to be decorated and individual. That is why I know that jewelry will always be in style. 

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  1. Very interesting- does this mean that you will start a "new/old jewelry line"?
    I still own and cherish some of your hand made beads from many years ago!