Saturday, September 27, 2014

Poet Laureate

Here I am with Arizona's first Poet Laureate, Alberto Rios. He came to Sedona to give a poetry reading, and I made sure to be there.He was kind enough to pose with me. A nice man, as well as a talented writer.  
 Poetry has been a passion of mine, seems like forever. I started writing it as a kid. I especially like to hear it read  aloud. One can visualize along with the voice. 
With all the talented poets in our state history, it was not until 2012 that the governor signed Senate bill 1348 into law, establishing this Poet Laureate  position. 
Rios was raised in the border town of Nogales, next to Mexico. His poetry reflects the influences and events of his Hispanic family, and their lifestyle. He is a college professorr, and talked about words.The same word from a different culture, has a different cadence. Speaking Spanish, I like the sensual quality of that language. I was transported. Taking your listener on a voyage. That is good writing.
 I'm glad Arizona chose this poet as our first Poet Laureate. 


  1. I'll look forward to reading his poetry

  2. Victoria, how very fitting to see you with Arizona's Poet Laureate. You, too, are a lover of words Be it one word or a phrase from a wise old Native American. Keep up the words.... Love you, Lee