Monday, September 8, 2014

Creating a Ceramic Mask

 Here is one of my newest masks. Entitled " Spirit Messenger ", it is currently in a show at the Sedona Arts Center for this month of September, 2014. 
People always ask me where I get  inspiration for my creations. As I say in my biography, in every country and culture where I have traveled, there  are masks, in some form and material. 
I know all these images are somewhere i n my mind as I enter my studio.Then there is something called imagination, which start to play when I do!
I do have some thoughts of form and shape by the time I am starting to work with the clay.This round shape is an entirely new one for me. I have technical difficulties to overcome. Cracks are always a possibility. It takes a long time to dry. Will it survive two firings, I worry. Yes it did. Victory! 
There is also the choices of color and decoration.I found these wonderful coconut beads in my art stash. I knew this was the organic look I wanted. Adding one yellow feather connects the whole piece. Here is the final result of my creative process.

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