Thursday, October 9, 2014

Selling Your Art

 Selling your art is a challenging proposition. Sometimes the artist can talk with a potential customer and make a difference. Often, the customer has definite preferences and nothing will affect their buying decision.
 I just sold a piece in this style today. It is part of my Abstraction series named Dimensions II. 
 It measures about 14" across. Displayed on a wall, it has a foot, and thus can stand on a table.The buyer indicated she will use it. That's fine.  All my glazes are lead free and food safe.
I do enjoy creating in an abstract style, using the clay as my canvas. This piece connected to something inside the viewer. They wanted to own it, enjoy it, and look at it every day. Artistically, we are on the same page.My vision connected with theirs.This is the best part of selling your art.

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