Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bluegrass Music in the Tall Pines

I recently attended the outdoor Bluegrass music festival up in the tall pines of Flagstaff. It is a town devoted to traditional music. This concert is three days of music, workshops, and dancing. My kind of fun.
Here I am in front of the banjo booth. Banjo is one of the main instruments in this music.The others are fiddle, guitar, mandolin and upright bass. I started appreciating this style when I began to contra dance, but I enjoy listening to it on its own. The mandolin really speaks to me.
Its roots are deep in America. The English, Irish, Scotch and Welsh brought their ballads and dancing reels when they settled in Appalachia in the 18th century. Contra dance, the partnered folk dance, came also.
Many musicians at the festival made mention of Bill Monroe. His group, the Blue Grass Boys Band, is credited with giving the music its name. He used to just call it hillbilly music. The more recent, progressive style will use electric instruments. This festival sponsors the  traditional  acoustic style. Music in the tall pines. What could be better.          

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