Friday, August 29, 2014

Art in Another Country.

Here I am in Tijuana, across the border in Mexico. Staying  in San Diego, it seemed enticing to enter  the country where I've spent many happy visits. 
 Using my Spanish  is important to me. As I tell people, study in your favorite classroom. For me it is shopping; discussing everything in their language; trying to get a good price.  I had a desire to buy some leather goods. That made it a quest. Even better! 
  My partner and I had to take a taxi to get  the main street with the stores. It was morning. Not every place was open. I saw this  metal door, with stairs leading down. Intrigued,and  following the way down, I came into this cavernous room filled with metal creations. I have done some welding. I like the ability to work in a grand size , and the freedom you get to always add on to the preceding piece. 
The owner took us out to the back, where several men were welding gates and other items. Anything you can think of made from metal was in that building. All made in the alley outside. Lots of it shipped to our country. 
What an adventure to see  artists in another country creating. We are all different. We are all similar. 

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