Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Red , the White and the Blue

Here is my appropriate 4th of July  ceramic platter. Entitled " The Red, the White and the Blue", it is currently showing at the Jerome Artists' Cooperative in Jerome, AZ. 
I like to abstract the familiar. I have created in this theme before, with each piece still totally a one of a kind.The American flag, with all its significant colors, yet interpreted in my own  particular style. I like our flag, with its bold colors and symbolism. An artist can be inspired. 
Rather large in size, almost 15" across, it has a foot to stand on, but it usually hung on the wall. To get these bright colors I use four coats of lower temperature glaze; fire in my kiln for durability, and then finish it off with a primitive fire to create that crackle look.I like the juxtaposition of the modern colors with the older patina, like the image I am portraying.  
So, on the evening before  the 4th of July, I choose this art  to send out to all of us, everywhere. 


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