Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Artists Can Always Keep Working

Here I am with legendary blues musician John Mayall.  He was performing at the Orpheum Theatre, in Flagstaff, AZ. last Saturday night, and I was there! 
I think this picture is fuzzy because I am grinning so hard. I had just bought his latest CD, " Find a way to Care". He was nice about a photo shoot. I love the blues and had listened to this man and his various band incarnations since the 1960s. Mayall played with all the best musicians back then, and still does, including his present band.
 What is so fine is that his voice is still strong; his fingers very nimble, and he does a mean mouth organ. The guy is 82 years young and still making his art and taking it on the road.
So that got me thinking. We artists really have job security, if we want it. All that experience in learning our craft, is there any  reason to ever stop creating? There is always a chance to do a little better on the next piece; another show to enter out on the horizon. Maybe we are not only getting older, but better.There's a hopeful thought. 

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