Friday, July 29, 2016

An Outdoor Mural

Here is my latest creation: an outdoor mural on my garden wall.A total first for me and a  different approach. What you are looking at are images of the plants and leaves left  on the original wall color. The green painted  around them forms the designs. Rather than painting on, I am   outlining the lightly sketched pencil drawing. I guess it could be called a negative image. 
My inspiration was this great Mexican screen to the right, gifted by my Aunt who has disappeared into Mexico forever. Peeling from the weather, I had to repaint it as close to what I perceived its original palette. All these walls around it are beige, of which I am not a fan, and it certainly did not show off my beloved metalwork. So what was the solution? Paint, and while I am at it, why not add decoration and whimsy to this little space?
There were difficulties in this creation.
Deciding on background color, and choosing the right shade of green, which took seven samples. Then I was reminded to use outdoor paint, so no,  those samples will not work At All, since they are interior. The hot muggy days here in Sedona made it a  challenge as well. 
Painting on rough stucco amounted to pushing the paint into the crevices, and even sponging as well. I know why artists use airbrush, but I did not when I started.  This uses a lot of paint.  As I saw the gallon disappearing I added the cacti on the bottom. Necessity as a force of creation.
I now  look into my garden and it makes me smile. I have another idea for the next wall...

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