Monday, August 8, 2016

My Adventure with Mono Print

Here is my first experience making a mono print.  
The initial step is spreading colored inks  onto  a mylar surface, using a hand roller. This is Akua ink, with a soybean base, which comes in many colors. I chose my favorite dark red, purple palate. Since I was at a print maker's studio, there were lots of stencils and objects to use as texture. I chose this nautilus stencil, and added some string for further random effects.The final paper is put over this surface; covered with protective paper, then felt, and set on the press surface. 
 Next the press is turned on, and  the weight of the wheel presses down into the paper as it rolls along. It was a 1950's Dickerson Combination Press  which worked great, et voila, this  finished  page.
I used print paper for this, after soaking it  beforehand. However for this final page, I took rice paper , and got a second," ghost" print of the same image.Two views of the same process.
 It was a great experience. While I have no immediate plans for this paper, I am sure it will be used in a future piece of calligraphy,  or maybe a hand made book. Create now  so the inspiration is before us!

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