Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Spirit of the Artist

I just sold this porcelain bowl, which is  decorated with real bits of Arizona turquoise. I like the color of the glaze next to the stones, creating a bit of interest and dimension.Grateful for a sale, non the less, I have to say good bye to my little friend.
 I believe there is a bit of the artists' spirit in each  individual creation that comes forth from our hands; our minds; the invisible influence of "who knows where?"  I think of clay as a living entity. Mostly it is playful and cooperative.Sometimes it is not going to follow my intention. Clay will crack, or the glaze will misbehave, even if I am doing things as always.
 Is it my spirit or these elements which are not cooperating that day? Who can say? I do feel that if you own a piece that I have created, my spirit is within.

1 comment:

  1. I sense your spirit...especially in the turquoise bowls I have purchased from you over the years. I cherish them and YOU!