Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Abstraction in Clay

This ceramic piece, entitled "Half Moon Abstraction" hangs on the wall like a canvas, some fourteen inches long . It does have a foot to stand on as well.
Taking the basic round shape of many clay creations, my decision was to consider another dimension, or perspective I could construct from this  basic shape. Carving away part of the round form  would add yet another facet of abstraction.  
Looking up the word  abstraction in the dictionary, I read this definition: ..." a concrete object or organic figure which is transformed by the artist  into a nonrepresentational design, with recognizable elements, irregular curved lines, graded tones etc.." Boldly, I set forth to add the elements of design to this surface. 
I like angles; sharp lines; non representational forms.It is harder to sell here in the southwest, so I do it to feed my creative soul, and hope some kindred spirit identifies. 
I have to carve out each shape. I want to play off the straight lines and the curves; the triangles and the circles. Then comes the hard work , as I go  back and fill in the colors. I must paint within the lines!
I use low fire  glazes to get the red,the metallic bronze, and the celadon green of the plate. It takes many coats to get the depth of color I desire. First firing to make it strong. Second, primitive firing, to add the crackle and patina I desired. Always the element of risk in ceramics; art; life...
Behold, it came out just the way I  envisioned. That is the real success for me. 

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  1. I love the play of shapes and colors! As an artist, you give clay dimension beyond function. Thank you!