Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Springtime in Sedona

It is springtime again. The Iris are blooming. Here in Sedona, we wait all year for these few weeks where the display of purples, and  other exotic hues, finally wake up. This is appropriate, for in Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, attendant to Zeus and Hera. It is a time when my desire to create something new and different emerges.
I planted these bulbs many years ago. Like old friends, they go away in the heat, but wake up when the last breath of wintertime is emerging  into a new season.
 A few days ago was the equinox, on March 21st. This is the time when the sun's center crosses the equator and day and night are equal. From now on the days will start to be longer. There is a restlessness in nature, and in the human nature, I think.
 I am going  back to my studio now. Just wanted to share my pleasure in nature's mysteries. How does springtime affect your creative mood? Would you share with me in your comments?

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  1. Lovely....I love the Iris also....there used to be an Iris farm on the north side of Tucson, with every color you could imagine, and then some. That was where I learned that they also have a beautiful scent - very light, reminded me of Concord grape jelly!