Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Red Cat Platter

Since I have been writing about my "critter" art work, as I call it, I thought it was appropriate to show my piece entitled  " Red Cat Platter". Here you have two kitties checking out that little creature in between them. I wonder if they are thinking ," Now there is a catch".  
I have recently become acquainted with some felines. The older cat often lets out a howl of victory as she drags up an object of prey to her master. No matter that it is a wrapper, she is still the huntress. I'm pleased that these animals still have a wildness within their domesticated selves. I remember many years ago seeing a pride of lions in the wild. My main thought was how similar they are to our house cats. 
I like painting  cats with their recognizable silhouette. Dog owners want to see their specific breed. Since this is a low fired ceramic piece, I can use brighter and more unusual  colors.Who says cats can't be purple?
My  platters  are  fairly large, measuring about fourteen inches across. A nice quality here is that not only can you hang it on the wall as  decoration, but it is functional as well. How much fun to get to eat up all the finger food and see these creatures looking at you.
 I enjoy making  art that makes you smile. 

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