Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jerome on Clay

I am  excited about this latest ceramic platter I created. The piece is entitled "Jerome". It  is currently in a  show happening right now in that very same town.
 A large ceramic platter, about fourteen inches in diameter, it can be hung or put on the table, since it does have  a foot to stand on! As you can see, it is not perfectly round. I like the altered shape to make it stand out a bit, not unlike it namesake.
As a calligrapher of many years, it is always fun for me to use my lettering in a new genre. Here is the perfect canvas of clay, brightly decorated in low fire glazes. I chose the bright shiny colors because I wanted to make it  whimsical and fit in with my folk art series.As a kiln fired piece, it will stand the test of time. 
There are always technical difficulties when doing something you have never tried before. Many years ago I remember a  well known calligraphy teacher telling me" Remember, practice creates practice. Do your best every time..." I took those words to heart. I do not usually try a preview piece. I envision in my head where I am going, then let my hands do their work. 
How great when the finished piece  pleases me even more than the image with which I  started.That is my definition of success.

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