Thursday, April 25, 2013

Writing Poetry on Paste Paper

                                                              My last blog was all about creating with paste paper.On the left is one of my pages. I like the filmy watercolor look it has.Here is  my own version of  a haiku  poem about the experience. 
       Gliding over wet paper
       Colors float in fluid paste
       Slowly art emerging.

       Next step: create the book.    

The large sheet of paper is folded, torn into four sections with deckle edges, those lovely,ragged borders on handmade paper. Fold and score the paper, then tear it over a hard edge.The book can be horizontal, or vertical in shape, depending on the artist's vision. I chose the taller size to fit my own verse.
Essentially one paper, painted on both sides, folds and becomes four pages. There is a good reason to pick the same colors and  painting style for some sense of continuity. However, expect the unexpected! I included some plain sheets and rice paper for contrast and a different  writing surface. 
This open page I am showing is all written in the uncial style of calligraphy.I liked its linear quality for this poem. I  wrote with watercolors  that echoed  those of the paste paper page. I cut out  windows to showcase words; added  designs to decorate; things to make me smile. Finally, the sheets were sewn together into a book of sixteen pages, plus cover.
 Every page is a surprise when using paste paper and poetry.

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