Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating the Mug

It occurred to me that my readers might be interested in seeing what form  that basic cylinder I threw became. So here is a picture of the mug I created from that straight up and down cylinder. 
Until last year, I hadn't made mugs in a long while. Economic necessity is a great creative force. When you look closely you can see how many  details  are involved in this basic shape. You have to trim it, always clean and re-clean,and  then add the handle.That is a separate pulled piece of clay with a certain curve to it. I like a handle that can fit any hand, with a substantial curve. I enjoy adding  a little decorative coil on the upper rim. It serves a function and  adds my  personal style. Then it gets fired the first time until it vitrifies in the bisque firing. Only then can I put on the glaze. I like a clear color inside so the liquid shows up.The final touch is my temperamental turquoise glaze. Always is a bit of variation in this color. There is also shrinkage, up to fifteen or more percent, to take into the equation.I like to use porcelain as my clay because it takes the color so beautifully. Since it is high fired, it can take the heat or the teapot or the microwave. Function in beauty. 
Writing this really gives me an appreciation for all the work I put into this most basic of forms. I applaud all makers of mugs out there! 
Your thoughts?


  1. A perfect mug is a work of art! The one we reach for in the morning, that feels right to the touch, and holds the warmth. One of life's simple satisfactions. Love your glaze and attention to detail.

  2. The handle is gorgeous; looks like 1/2 of a heart.

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