Thursday, May 17, 2012


I was walking in the woods in Flagstaff and noticed this beautiful pattern in the bark of a tree.It reminds me of what I am noticing a lot lately, which is the patterns in my  life, and those around me, and how they shape my reactions to events. I think a lot of the patterns are old ones, maybe not even conscious considerations, merely habits I got into way back when, probably for survival, at an early age.
 But do they serve me now? Often not, I am thinking. They are in continuity, because I have  acted  the same for so long I have dug a deep groove where I am  familiar, hence comfortable. I often recognize them in others. How am I doing with myself? There is the ongoing experiment. 
The same can certainly happen with our art. We are almost encouraged to Re create that which sells. So, what I  can do is to make each single piece as unique as possible, truly a  "one of a kind" even if it is in a certain style. Hence I don't get bored. And every time there is a show, I like to go  way out of the mold  for a different look entirely. That seems to be a good way to break out of life's old habits also,to  just act or think unlike what is the old me. When I do it often enough, I will make  a new pattern. 
Surely there are those who share these observations also. I would love your feedback.   


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  2. Cool pattern in the bark & good insight. Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches a lot about losing your mind & creating a new one; how we must create & practice the new patterns so the brain will embrace them as the new habits. I like your tendency to go out of the mold during a show - that'll expose patrons to something new & different!

  3. wow, this blog is fav so far. the words reflect depth. koooool.