Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Words

I got some good feed back about the "Power of Words", my last blog.  Here is a picture of me standing next to the finished piece.It is 8 feet long . I Liked the image of the words rolling down to the floor and then some. 
Don't our words usually just roll off our tongue, sometimes without a thought to where they will land?  That is why we like to hang with people who know us, who accept us as we are, and therefore will not judge our words harshly.  We  call these people our friends. We cherish their acceptance of us just as we are. We feel safe with our words around them, knowing we will be heard as we are.  
Words without the actions to back them up, there is a thought someone sent my way. It is easy to say the nice words, but living up to them is the challenge. I guess time is a great method to evaluate if someone's words are their truth. Can we as the listener look behind the verbal and get to what the emotions are behind them? Sometimes we are right on, sometimes I am guessing we tell ourselves a story that that not based on the other person't words at all. Observations are more real. That is my challenge , to observe rather than always interpret. Or ask that person" Is this what you are saying?' save ourselves some grief, perhaps.
In Calligraphy, I use words all the time. Right now I am pondering my next piece for an upcoming show. I will choose my words because of the impact they will impart to my viewer.I will try to draw my viewer into my perspective. From there of course they will give their own meaning to the words. Whenever anyone asks me " What is the meaning of this piece?" I  just say, " whatever you see is what it means to you". 
So it seems to be in life. We always give it our own perspective. Any thoughts you'd like to share about how words affect your life?  

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