Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Your Head On

Keeping your head on when all things seem to make you feel otherwise. Life gets so complicated these days, it's all we can do to think straight, much less keep our heads on. Well , that is the name of this piece, so I can let it all hang out as an artist.Isn't that wonderful, that we can take what goes on in life and give it an artistic expression? 
Imagine all those frustrating experiences we face each day. You know those days where whatever you do , it is like the fickle finger of fate is conspiring against you. You do everything you are supposed to and still unfortunate things happen to a nice person like yourself." Not fair," you say, and that is certainly the truth. But that does not change what happens. All we can do is try to change our thoughts. And a good way to do this is through action.    
     So,what I am suggesting is to go  to your  studio,     or your computer,or your easel,and create something. The actual physical act can       help  to get out of the repetitive negative thoughts. One can forget about time, which sometimes hangs over us when we are fighting these feelings. I am so full of good advice I truly hope I can follow  it myself. I enjoyed making this piece , but its title really helped me realize how liberating this creative process can be. Any thoughts on this ?

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