Friday, July 14, 2023

Lavender Farms Forever

Who doesn't love Lavender? Here I am at the Red Rock Lavender Farm in Concho, AZ. Where , you may ask , is Concho? It is a town, quite a spread out area, to the north of Show Low, in the White mountains, where I come to get out of the summer heat. I have to thank my gardening friend, Daysy, for this tip. We gardeners are always interested in learning  about plants.                                           This farm was started back in the 1990's. It was supposed to be an orchard and vegetable endeavor, however the lavender used for landscaping became a commercial boom. There are now 35,000 plants, of various varieties. I am near a sweet smelling Vera variety. The altitude here is 6,100 feet high, and very windy. Off in the distance are red rock formations,  but not quite like Sedona, where I live and produce my art.  Now they grow grapes as well, producing wine , and following in the steps of Southern France. They have a tasting room, where  I really only liked the Rose variety, but then taste is so individual, and people left with cases of something.                      Their  gift shop tantalizes you with handmade soaps, dish towels, cooking  items, anything to get you to leave behind your dinero. I bought two plants as well, which I plan to use in containers for now. It was an adventure, and who doesn't like that?!


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  1. Hi--I have one of your Mountain mugs & a dearly love it! The turquoise color is so rich & velvety. Do you still work with that color? Thank you for such a beautiful mug.