Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Calligrapher, Hard at Play

Calligrapher , Hard at Work, could be a good title here. I just spent a wonderful weekend retreat in the Prescott forest. I call it " summer camp for grown ups", although some might debate the label. Here I am copying out some lettering for a small book I am creating.                                                       I have been a professional calligrapher, based here in Sedona AZ, for  decades. I am a member of the Calligraphic Society of Arizona, referred to as CSA, for all that time. Most of the members are in the Phoenix area, and that is where all the monthly workshops and meetings are held. Unfortunately , I really do not attend very often, due to the distance. But this was two nights in a church camp, with bunk beds and the cafeteria. We stayed at Emmanuel Pines, and they could not have been more helpful and accommodating. This was a special occasion, a chance after Covid to gather as a group.                                                                                         The teachers were fellow members, and the variety of  projects  impressive. For example: Making hanging paper "weathergrams" to leave in trees outside or our rustic cabins. Will they be susceptible to the weather?  Of course. Must art always be  " permanent," or can it just exist in the present? Nature seemed to be the theme ,and it was exciting to write on wood for one project, then creating three in a mobile. We  cut out  stencils to apply to a blank page ,and used both the negative and positive spacing. 
Throughout the days, I was working on the technique for a small book, which I actually almost finished. There was a dedicated lesson on making books from envelopes. We calligraphers are a frugal bunch. That was a challenge, but I did wake up early and go through the process in my head, before I got up in the frosty morning. Maybe I will change the title of this blog. It was fun!

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