Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Art of the Cat

Opened the kiln today and what did I see? Cat bowls. One where it is only the cat, and then a little whimsey, when I added the mouse. I could probably name it "El Gato mira al Raton"= the Cat looks at the Mouse". But that's a lot of words when you are writing very small with a paintbrush at a weird angle. Yes, everything is drawn freehand . I like creating animal pieces. I have made ceramic boxes with a horse on the top. It helps to have a creature that can be somewhat stylized, so it is easily representative.                                                                                 I make each bowl shown here by hand, using a white porcelain clay.. Then I take my tiny paintbrush, dip it into cobalt blue oxide, and draw all the lines and letters you see here. Over that I pour a thin coat of a clear glaze, which  lets the design show through. I  high fire this in my kiln, enough to put in the microwave and dishwasher. Yes, those are the main questions that buyers ask.  Here in The USA they are very clear that all glazes must be  lead free, so that is why its's not bad to buy American. Sounds like a sales pitch? It's not . Simple truth.

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