Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Follow the Mask

 Here I am , following my passion and creating masks again this summer of 2022. This one is what I call  a miniature mask. All is relative, n'est-ce-pas? It can  can fit in your hand, or hang on a very narrow wall.  There are  guidelines for a "true miniature", something about an inch equaling a foot. Not my thing, although I do like to make tiny pots also. This creation, titled " Yellow  Secret" is part of my on going series, called " Small Spirits".                                  There are so many influences on my work. I used to travel with a very small sketch pad, about the size of this mask. I would go  to a museum in Mexico, for example, and stay for for three hours and make little drawings. Or I would be  in some archeological place and draw what I saw. When I was invited to Hopi dances in their Plaza,  the sketching would have to be in my head, but it was there. So I am not certain what left the largest influence to my style in this field . Anyway, most often the masks tell Me what to create.                I am currently showing these works  at the Wyatt Gallery at  Hillside, on 179 in Sedona, AZ. I invite you stop by and take a look.

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