Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Raven Platter

I have seen the Ravens flying in the sky  above Sedona this spring. Here,  I guess they are hanging around on my sky blue platter that recently came out of the kiln.
The Common raven, Corvus corax, are  large birds, some  24 inches in length.Young birds may travel in flocks, but later mate for life. It is no accident I chose to draw this twosome. Intelligent birds, they have long been a part of folklore in many countries. I remember seeing ravens on the top of many totem poles in Alaska, held in high regard by native tribes. They have shiny black feathers, with a wedge shaped long tail and bill.
 Creating an exact replica is challenging with clay. I must first carve the silhouettes, before adding the glaze. Four coats of "painting within the lines"...  difficult. I chose the pale blue background to evoke the natural background in which we see these creatures. However it is not uncommon to see them resting on a branch, and this is my representation here. 
As with all my " critter pots" I am hoping  to evoke   feelings, and connection to these creatures, as they perch on my  ceramic platter. 

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