Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Walk in the Sculpture Garden

 Here I am tucked behind Rodin's sculpture " L'homme qui Marche," in a place I once held dear. This is the Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden at my alma mater, UCLA. On a recent  trip to California, I wanted to show friends  the site where I used to hang out.
This garden, started in 1967, is named after the  university chancellor of that time, which was when I transferred to this school.  My diploma hangs on my wall, signed by the then governor, Ronald Reagan. Covering five acres of grass and trees, there are more than 70 sculptures by  world known  artists. I had never been able to lay my hands on a Henry Moore before then. The library, art, and history buildings were all up in that area.This was  where I spent a lot of my time.
There is still an outdoor eating terrace, with tables and chairs to while away endless hours. Called the Gypsy Wagon when I went to school, formerly  there were trailers that served the junk food, the coffee, we all needed to be better students. Plus it was a fun place to practice Flirting 101.The tables are still there, but today the food is in vending machines.How can you get your french fires from a vending machine? 
You could take your food up to the gardens and lie on the grass, or sit on the low cement  walls. The design of the garden is a piece of work unto itself.
  I remember a sense of awe and excitement to see  in person what I had only viewed previously in my art books. Even today, it is a respite of peace in a busy place. It is on campus, but open to the public. A worthwhile visit.

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  1. What fun to revisit UCLA. Before when you were young, it was survival - now recently, it is nostalgia!