Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Seeing Where You Hang

Here I am in front of my sculpture that just sold, in the place where it now lives. How great is it when an artist can actually see where the art will be after it is sold!
I recently had my solo show called "Reflections" in Jerome. A collector saw this piece and thought his partner would like it. Of course, all good shows have to end and mine just had. I  then invited them both to see the piece at my studio. They liked it so much they bought it. The gallery handled the sale, since that is where it was first seen.  
Often the artist has no idea where their work finally hangs. This time I was fortunate enough to see exactly where it would be placed, since I delivered it, here in Sedona.
Most  often it is shipped away, and we are the anonymous creators. It was my good fortune to see what a fine home it had, nestled among other first class creations. Would that we artists could always know where our art finds its home. Seeing where we hang gives a completion to our creative process.  

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