Monday, June 23, 2014

Using my Handmade Dishes

  I have written about my handmade mugs and bowls. Did you know I also make plates here in my Sedona studio? They can be large dinner size, depending on the client's needs. Or...I like to throw quite small ones,with room  enough for one egg, bread, or pie. Put them all together and they make a dinner set.
Here is a picture of dinner at my friend's house where he is using my ceramic dishes.The salad bowl is already in the sink, but I liked the fact that there was food on his plates, and water in the mug. These are ceramics that are used on an everyday basis.
This is a unique color scheme for this particular set of dishes. I like putting food on a light background. However, the turquoise glaze was the desired theme. So I made a lip on the plates, then used a clear white glaze in the center, which sets off the color on the edge. This is how I make my mugs now. Light to see what you are eating or drinking, with the darker color on the outside or edge.
The clay I use is a white porcelain,which shrinks at least 15%. That has to be considered when creating. Truthfully, it still surprises me when I open the kiln and think," What happened to those Huge plates I threw on the wheel? "I can guarantee that each piece I make will be totally unique, but a set will all be in the same creative family.
There is one other statement I always tell  people."Your food will taste better on my handmade ceramic dishes".This I know to be true.

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