Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Art of the Opening

Here I am at my opening night as the June featured artist here in Sedona. It is the at the Andrea Smith Gallery in Tlaquepaque where I sell my ceramic masks. 
There is an art to these openings, and also a lot of behind the scenes work. 
First comes creating the work by the artist. I always like to make new items for a show. The masks at the top with the horsehair are my latest creations. I am condensing this into a few lines. Translation, months of hard work!
Then the gallery has the job of displaying your work in a inviting presentation. Ana did a great job. They have refreshments for the evening , because gallery going is hard work!
Not to be left out is the importance of the publicity. I worked online with the gallery's publicist, until we got a flyer that was representative of my work. Dawn was a real pleasure to work with and she listened to my  input.That matters to the artist. Next is getting the information into the papers and online. 
 I once had a newspaper man tell me that articles are used just because they fill a space requirement on the page. A bit of the luck there. Anyway, my name made the Gallery openings, and they spelled it right.
This is just a bit of all that goes into the art  of the opening. 
Finally, here I am all smiles and ready to meet and answer any questions about my work to the visitors .  

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  1. Looking good, Victoria!! You AND the masks. :-) Brenda