Friday, April 18, 2014

The Challenge of Creating New Art

I  have been working on a new style of mask. I am remembering  how difficult this creative  process can be. First is the visualizing, building a vague idea of what I think I can invent. Then comes planning, and actually  figuring out how to make it happen. Shows are often the impetus to try a new direction, and I do have one coming up in June.
Anything new and different is incredibly challenging, mentally, physically, and yes, emotionally. Here I am starting out with a fuzzy concept that I want to make into a reality. As the vision gets stronger, it gives me a clearer road to follow.
 But let's be real. I am dealing with materials that also have a mind of their own. Often the clay, the horsehair, or any of the numerous elements I am putting together will not always do what I want them to. The nerve of them!
 Days have passed as I assemble; undo; go to a store to buy a missing product; reassemble. This morning I found I had messed up the way it hangs, so I had to start over and correct my mistake. It has to be right.
Finally there is the time to just stop. Completion. 
Now please, let there someone out there who thinks they must own this new creation of mine!

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