Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making My Own Ceramic Jewelry

This is the jewelry I wore  in the gallery today. It is made of high fire porcelain beads that I make individually.This color I call Moss Green. I also make these styles in  Denim Blue and a brown hue I call
 Earth Brown .Since it is spring, I put on my green pants and top, and of course, my matching jewelry. I like to wear shades of one color. Less confusing. Today seemed like a good green day.
Being a clay artist, I like the thought of making  my own adornment.
People often ask me, what is it made of? Bone, they will sometimes think. Wearing it shows off my line and can often help the client envision what it looks like on themselves. Plus it  pleases my own sense of style. 
Each one is made from the white porcelain, impressed with a design. The clay must be rolled out very thin. A heavy or rough surface doesn't fit my skin or my aesthetic sensibility.Cleaning each one with a sponge is necessary.
I began by  selling wholesale to beads shop. I didn't get very much. I started having ideas about how I would create with them. I like a long necklace and dangling earrings. The pieces of cut crystal give a light and translucent feeling.  The decorative stones add  color and texture. So began my adventure of making my own ceramic jewelry.  

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