Monday, November 4, 2013

Calligraphy in Sedona

It is fall in Sedona. The leaves are falling. The red rocks stand out against the blue sky in all  their hues and shadows. To me these mountains look like a painting with all their variations of light and dark, shadow and brilliance.I like to bring this into my art. 
This is an original watercolor of mine, approximately eight by ten inches. I printed out the calligraphy first, then applied the paint. I like  using  a lot of water with these pigments. The two elements seem to have a mind of their own as they meander over the paper. I turn the paper first in one direction, then another, achieving  a blending of  colors. Watercolor has that element of chance and surprise to it.Rejoice in that quality! Don't go back over your strokes, or try to blend  a lot.Then you get muddy colors  and torn paper.Once the mark is made, leave it alone!
I chose a quote by one of my favorite authors and noted philosophers, Henry David Thoreau. He  passed away a hundred and fifty years ago, yet to me, his writngs ring clear and true.  I find such a relevance to his words. Nature was his inspiration, and always, it is mine.  

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