Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hawaii as the Artist's Inspiration

I just returned from an inspiring trip to our 50th state of  Hawaii. Here I am on the beach in Oahu, with Diamond Head in the background.
 I was celebrating someone's birthday, but just being there is a celebration of life. I live in a beautiful part of America, but I used to be a California beach girl, and sometimes I miss my ocean. Hawaii is sweet because the water is fairly warm, and there are pretty fishes to look at with my goggles. I do like my animals. They are often part of  my ceramics, as are handmade flowers.
I remember as a young girl when Hawaii became a state in 1959. It seemed so far away and exotic. It was first populated by the Polynesians some 1,550 years ago. Since 1778, when voyager Captain Cook named them the Sandwich Islands, Hawaii has long been a center of trade. The rich volcanic soil and warm climates made it profitable for growing sugar cane and pineapple.
The last reigning  Queen Lili'uokalni, lost her kingdom in 1998, to the United States. The new Territory of Hawaii had  Sanford Dole as the first governor. Pineapple anyone?
Today, agriculture has given way to houses. Honolulu is 
 a big city, with great public transportation as well as numerous homeless people in those lovely parks. Many Japanese and Australian tourists who love the shopping come to Hawaii.There are a few wandering artist types from Sedona as well.

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