Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shalom in Ceramics

 Here is my original calligraphy on a ceramic plaque, entitled Shalom. What a beautiful word. It is Hebrew meaning peace. We know it more as the common idiom used to say hello and goodbye for Jewish people all over the world. I like the sound of this word, the way it rolls off the tongue. For me it has a sense of good will about it. I enjoy using it not only in speech, but in my artwork. Here I am, adapting 
the capitals to the necessities of the clay,while having a bit of artistic fun.It is  a slab  measuring about ten by four inches, with folded edges. I include holes for a yarn hanger, finished with my handmade bead.
The light blue color pays homage to the Israeli flag.  I do take creative license and lighten the color so it stands out from the dark background.
This is quite labor intensive to make. It takes many coats of glaze to get the results I am after. Painting within the lines for sure. The first firing is in a kiln. The second firing is a primitive one, where the flames actually darken the clay and make a bit of a crackle in the glaze.
I like to think that this is hanging next to someone's door as they enter their home. 

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