Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Birthday in Calligraphy!

I just made a cake, similar to this one, for a neighbor who just turned 100 years old. Well, truth be known, it is really a hand lettered calligraphy card I made. Measuring four by six inches, it is decorated in water colors. I've included a gold gauche to give the candles and card  some sparkle.The metallic colors add a special touch I enjoy adding to my hand designed  cards. 
 I often tell my friends that this might be the only kind of cake I am likely to make for them!
Birthdays, they are such special days; the reason we are here! Growing up, my mother  always made a big deal of them. I got to choose my favorite meal, and felt special that day.Often I wished I had a summer day to celebrate. But I am a winter baby and I hold my day as a lucky one. In my mind, the birthdays of those I care about  are truly holidays, meant to be savored; anticipated; and celebrated, in handmade  calligraphy no less!

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  1. I like it !!!! I would like to see in real !!! It is very refined ! Are you selling them ? xoxo