Saturday, September 28, 2013

Small Turquoise Bowl in Hand

   What is it about something small that makes it so appealing? Here is a very petite bowl I recently made that someone took away with them from the gallery.
I often ask people to hold my bowls in their hands. There is something so intimate about holding a handmade piece in the palm of your hand . Certainly I want them to feel the weight of the piece. I want to make my ceramics look substantial, but feel as light as a feather. As I often say, I am against weaponry in ceramics. I am joking....kind of. The balance is an important element to me as  well.
Perhaps that is the magic of the small items. They can tuck into the palm of our hand; the corner of a shelf; or hold the smallest amount of something within. Everything is perfect, only the scale is less. Perhaps in today's world we can justify just a " little something " to take away with us as we travel through an ever crowded world .

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  1. I've always loved your turquoise bowls, whether small or big.