Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Throwing on the Wheel

                                               Well, I am at it again, throwing on the wheel.I set myself a goal of a certain amount of items to make, and I am not going to make it.Why?  I am running out of clay for one thing. The second reason is  my body energy  is crying out for a break. 
There is such a thing as a " production potter". They sit at the wheel and throw an item in a few  pulls, as rapidly as possible,  and it is finished. Often paid by the unit, motion is money. Alas, I am not one of those creatures. I do like to be succinct in my motions.However, for me, it is about the details and  the nuances. The lip of vessel is an example. How does it relate to the vessel as a whole? Can it be simpler, or more dramatic? 
 I have been working on mugs again. Here is a picture of some finished creations, with a little bit of Sedona red rocks in the background. My studio is here among the red rocks. However when I throw, I keep my back to the beauty and my vision on the wheel.
There is a lot of the physical action in using the potter's wheel. It is actually the body that keeps the arms and hands centered. You push forward with all of you. This is why beginners find their hands wobbling and unable to  center the clay. The  forward motion comes from the core, not just the hands.
The other important factor is the spirit. Am I centered when I sit  at the wheel? I can do it now matter what my mood due to  years of experience. However, when the body and spirit are in harmony, now there is my joy 

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