Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creating Beauty

This is the finished creation  using my alphabet named  Victory. There was a focus in the workshop.We were to   use  our  made up letters to write our own epitaph, our last words. My came out in poem form. The words are as follows:
                                              Creating beauty                                
                         Clay moving in my hands,
                                ceramics emerging.
                         Letters written in ancient patterns -
                          Paid to practice,
                                 following my inner muse.
                          Loving many, loved by you.
I loved  using the patterns of the black ink on the white page. Why make an opening line go straight? I like a bit of wave in my life. I guess I am assuming that those who read my epitaph are dear to me, and perhaps I to them.
 It is interesting to me what we all do leave behind. Certainly my creations, both in pen and ink as well as ceramics, will long outlast the mortal me. I like it that I can invent art forms that often  seem very beautiful to me and  others. I makes me feel, well, happy!

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