Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rainy Day in the Canyon

There is something about a rainy day in the mountains. This picture was just taken today, as I was driving down Oak Creek Canyon from the north country here in Arizona. It was a somewhat nerve wracking drive. Will a huge boulder loosen itself at an inopportune time? This does happen and one is so aware of one's own mortality. Today, the gentle, meandering Oak Creek is now a raging, silty,  powerhouse of water that will find its own path and  level, no matter what we mere mortals desire. I passed by the low water crossing which leads  to where a friend lives. Totally under water. I wonder. Will she show up at my house tomorrow as planned? Are we in for another serious  flood season like some years before ? Time will give us that  answer.  
When I look at this photo I took, I am reminded of my Porcelain Pueblo bowl series. I add hand carved  borders around the edge,  based on what I see outside my studio, and as I travel in my mountainous surroundings. I always  find inspiration for my art from the nature  around me. Northern Arizona  has a majesty to me , especially this little corner I inhabit.
Rain. Three days of rain. It  makes me aware of how I am just one person  in this  grand  scheme  of all that surrounds me.  Especially when it is a rainy day in the Canyon.

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