Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bird Mask

Here is a picture of a  recent "Bird Mask" series I am creating. I added a fair amount of color, yarn, and decoration to this one.
 I enjoy creating  masks. They appeal to my sense of mystery, and history. I like to travel. Everywhere I  visit, including my own corner of southwestern America, I find indigenous people creating masks to represent some spirit form. Maybe I made this to represent the birds I love. Actually, I find the clay often tells me what form it wants to be when I am in my creative process.
 I start with somewhat of an idea. Somehow, as I roll out a slab or coil in the white  porcelain clay I like to use,the shape and form will evolve. Then when I start to play with the feathers, or yarns, it can change into in a different finished mask than I first envisioned. I  like the colors of the feathers and decorations  to  be harmonious with the glazes I have chosen. 
  I have been selling masks in this month of January. Why this is my popular form right now I cannot say.It seems to go that way in this art business.  One style of  work  will continue to sell, while others do not. Maybe it is mask energy flowing right now! If I am in the gallery with   people, they  often  ask me what is my inspiration or the meaning behind my masks. I say what I just wrote, which often is not specific enough for them, but is truthful.Besides, everyone gives their own meaning to what they choose, and that is fine with me.

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  1. wish i could see this in person. love the bird at top in different clay