Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pop Up Dimension and Perspective.

Here are two views of the same page in my recently created kinetic pop up book. When I look at this intriguing cut out, I am aware of both its dimension and perspective. The dictionary gives one meaning to the former as "Any measurable extent, as length, breadth, or thickness." I know I used my ruler to measure the page; to decide where to make the cuts,and how long they must be to create my desired form. It has an architectural look to me, and that brings into play a matter of perspective. This can refer to "the art or theory of representing...objects...to convey the impression of depth and distance." Think about how we examine three dimensional art? It appeals to us just because we can view it from more than one side.It has depth. It intrigues us. 
Viewed in these two photos, there appears to be more than one angle to the pop up feature. Interpretation can  depend on whether it is examined from the side or the front view. 
 Reminds me of life. From one interpretation of an event or person, we might think we are  really getting  the true point of view, or perspective. Yet looking at something head on, or from another side could reveal an entirely different dimension. What are your thoughts on this ? 

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  1. Well stated, and a beautiful piece. I'd love to see more!