Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lake that Disappears

I cannot seem to get these Canadian Rockies out of my mind. I guess that means  I have to write about them some more . This is the Lake that Disappears. During summer it is  filled up with water. But in time it will be completely dry. Turns out there are cracks in  bottom of the lake so it drains out and voila ,it will become no lake at all.The First Nations used to fear this disappearing body of water . It must have been powerful magic to make something so large just go away, and yet reappear the following year.
 I guess that happens a lot in life and art. We humans often fear what we do not understand. There is often a strong  need for logical answers and when they are not available, we make up the reasons. Sometimes it is  simply given the broad stroke of disapproval. This is different and intimidating, therefore it is bad.  This art is too weird and doesn't seem to fit what I am used to , therefore it not "true art". Even, or especially in the creative process, where there is often Not a logical reason that something we do, some stroke to the pen or brush works, and the others  do not.  As we get experience, we hope that we can reproduce those same applications. but there are always those special moments , when it all just seems to go right.That's okay, I believe in magic. 

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